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Aries MK-258
3D View
 Two year warranty
gen 1 $525.00
Owned & Operated
by Laser King
Total darkness tech. Standard
"Smart" tech. Standard
Microprocessor Phillips
Magnification 4X
Intensifier tube High res. 1st Gen+
Detection range 200m
Recognition range 100m
Light gain 35,000 max
Lens system 6 element, F1.2, 90mm
FOV 12 deg.
Diopter adjustment +/- 5
Resolution 40 lp/mm
Power supply Two 3 volt lithium
Range of focus 3' to infinity
Reticle Chevron or range finder
Controls Direct
Battery life 10-20 hours
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 100 mm
Weight 1.0 kg.

The Aries MK 258 is the 1st generation night vision “Smart Scope”. It is affordable and it has all of the standard “ Smart” features. Compact and light it is the perfect scope for every person who is willing to spend under $1000 for a good night vision scope. Its cousin the Aries Mk 238 has been sold in thousands over the past year and performed tremendously for all of our customers since its introduction.
Besides the obvious technological advancements of the “ Smart Series”, the Aries Mk258 features several more improvements over the Mk 238.
The front lens optical system has been upgraded to a 90mm lens from a 50mm lens. Normally this would result in a loss of light amplification, however we have designed the 90mm lens specifically for our night vision scope and there is no visible loss of light gain.
Instead it provides an improved 4x magnification with sharp resolution, and without major increase in size or weight.
Higher light amplification has been achieved by a new high-voltage power supply using digital technology.
Adjustments have been added for light amplification, infrared intensity, and lit-reticle brightness.
The Aries Mk258 still features the same dependable lit-reticle system of its earlier cousin, as well as internal adjustment for elevation and windage. It is made up of high-impact aluminum compound, and uses only top of the line glass optics. Mounting the Mk258 is a piece of cake, since it easily mounts to any standard 7/8” rail. Camera adaptable and ready for action, the Aries Mk258 is an impressive weapon sight in anyone’s dictionary.

Rangefinder Reticle
The range finder reticle in your Aries MK258 was designed to assist you in determining the range of your target. These distances are based on a 6' target. A 6' target fits between the numbered baseline (the three short horizontal lines directly next to the numbers) and the main horizontal line. If the 6' target fits between the 2 and the right horizontal post of the main line the target is 200 yards away.

If the same target fits between the 5 and the right post of main line the target is 500 yards away. The same is with the 1,3 and 4.The target would be either 100,300 and 400 yards away.

Included Accessories:
  • Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two Lithium Batteries

Optional Accessories:

Weaver style extension rail

Video/35mm Camera Adapter
You can quickly and easily attach the night vision device to the front of almost any 35mm camera or camcorder with the camera adapter.
$ 59.95
  $ 59.95
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